We are ready to launch!

For the last two months we have been busy preparing for our launch. You are welcome to take a peak at some of the steps of the process!

Step 1

We had a photo shoot for our three product types. Now you can see how some designs look in real life and choose your own - an all-over printed T-shirt, a creative pillow or a piece of a multifunctional headwear from our Store.

MapOnShirt All Over Printed Shirts with Unique Design From Map Patterns

MapOnShirt All Over Printed Interior Pillow with Unique Design

Step 2

We have created video tutorials to show you have to use the MapOnShirt tool, so you can create your own designs with ease!

How to create your own design:

How to customize the design colors

How to find your location on the map

How to change the level of detail of the map

Step 3

Our designers have created over 100 completely different all-over printed T-Shirt designs:

Step 4

We have run various color tests to improve the quality and accuracy of the color output.

Testing Colors Sublimation

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Launch Photo shoot Colors Tests

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