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One sentence description

MapOnShirt - self-designed, colorful map-wear featuring any location around the globe.

Brief overview

MapOnShirt is the first-ever custom map designer tool for clothing/wear production, allowing its users to spot any location on the earth, choose a color theme, personalize their design by adding texts, logos or placemarks, and finally submit it to receive a high-end production.

MapOnShirt uses sublimation printing that ensures high map detail level and vivid colors that last virtually forever. Each ordered item is carefully laid out in modeling software, printed and transited on fabric, then sewed up and delivered straight from the MapOnShirt office in Northern Europe.

As of today, MapOnShirt offers purchasing of map t-shirts, multifunctional head-wears and pillows, whereas hoodies, leggings and mugs are soon arriving in the store.

Detailed overview

Taking unique technology and artistic intelligence to a new level of exuberant practice, MapOnShirt allows people to imply their stories in their apparel, create thematic outfit to rock events, or simply have fun pointing out places on their neighborhood map printed right on the fabric. MapOnShirt has introduced a potential innovation in the market that appears promising enough to engage fashionistas in an amusing create-and-wear fashion.

It aggregates and transforms map data into colorful design elements, such that maps of buildings or towns are printed on T-shirts, pillow-cases or multifunctional headwear items in an animated, vibrant quality. The design possibilities are endless, and MapOnShirt promises to deliver you a brilliant result of a simple, 30-second visual drafting.

All-over prints are made with sublimation printing technology and are promised to receive a highly detailed print from edge to edge on soft poly fabric. Tended with additional care, MapOnShirt carries out the printing process with most detail. Each submitted map design is printed first on the fabric, to mirror the draft requested, and then cut and stitched which allows complete elimination of white streaks or smudges, commonly found in sublimation printing. The entire production process is organized in Riga, Latvia in Northern Europe, such that ready-to-deliver items are thoroughly checked with the preview image and for fabric quality.

Under the hood MapOnShirt uses OpenStreetMap (OSM) data. MapOnShirt is a great example of open data usage in a different way which data creators have never thought of. OSM data is imported in a database and then processed by geospatial algorithms. The whole import process takes more than a week and leads to 150GB of spatial query optimized data. We are proud of MapOnShirt being built only on open source software.

Above all is user generated content (UGC) with the unique story behind every custom-made T-shirt, pillow or headwear known only by the designer.


Be as unique as the place you come from!

Take the World with you!

Express your individuality with design from colorful maps!

Why people like MapOnShirt products (data from customer survey):

The Beginning

Martins and Martins; as they share the name, they shared the insight of a unique clothing line. The spring of 2014 marked history when Martins Lismanis came to ask Martins Linde of a favor to provide map designs from the map of Riga for his company ZIB. In the following few months, the “M&M” manufactured the first-ever personalized MapOnShirt polo for FOSS4G 2014 Portland Conference. The first product was a clear success, and the demand began. Henceforth, the producer and the developer decided to expand their love for maps to something uniquely animated – they came up with

They agreed on the exciting concept of map visualization tool and allowed a free access to wearers to become designers of own clothing/wear; when technology allows, what prevents us? Hereafter, the story is plain. As of today, the new-found business has expanded to other personalized items such as pillow cases and head-wears, including the soon arriving hoodies and beanbags.

Infatuated with maps and orienteering sport, Martins Lismanis and Martins Linde are the two founders of the tech-creative business.

Martins Lismanis , “the producer”, completed his Major studies in 2013 in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Linkoping University. He further did Master Studies in the said field till 2014. Lismanis carries the head for all production details; from fabric softness, length of zippers to sewing needle sizes and product packaging. Martins Lismanis has also spent the last few years organizing design printing for different fashionable clothing companies and brands.

Martins Linde, known to be the “the developer” of MapOnShirt is a full-stack geo-spatial software developer, carrying the pro hands for company’s IT side. A Masters in Computer Sciences from University of Latvia, Linde also owns the GeoKods – a GIS development company. As the developer, he looks after all designing processes, data transfer and the purchase procedure.

Together, the M&M have worked as brain and hands to enable a world-renowned business, MapOnShirt, walk on its own.

Some facts

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What people say about us

In Product Hunt:

“Great idea! And a huge improvement over the usual "Family Reunion" shirts that folks get printed with their last names on them. Ugh. Consider expanded size ranges in women's & a v-neck or scoop neck style, please.”
Kelly Kuhn-Wallace— Growth Marketing & Strategy Consultant

“I am a big map fan, and this is really, really, a great idea !”
Pascal Briod— Head of Product & Co-Founder, TawiPay

In Twitter:

"New obsession is MapOnShirt. Brilliant, original idea. Would love to have one for each city where I've lived."
Adam Steinberg @adams472 at Twitter

"This is awesome. Instant Xmas presents."
@bmoregeo at Twitter

"Oh boy, MapOnShirt is exactly what it says: Get beautiful maps on a shirt/clothing accessories!"
Rasagy Sharma @rasagy at Twitter

"Every local journalist should adopt these shirts as their uniform"
Thack @DaveThackeray at Twitter

How are MapOnShirt different from their competitors?

MapOnShirt Other companies
Maps from anywhere; user can choose his place. Maps on t-shirts from only selected cities or countries.
Maps in any colors. Only predefined map theme.
Using sublimation printing to produce all-over-printed t-shirts with highly detailed level and colors that last virtually forever. Using DTG or similar printing technique which allows printingonly in the middle of t-shirt; colors washout quite soon.
Quality of products - we print each map design on the fabric and only then cut and sew. Printing design straight on a t-shirt which leads to smudges and white streaks on folding places e.g. underneath the arms.
Several map detail levels - all the way from countries to buildings. Just one level of map details.
Possibility to add texts in several fonts, images (logos) or map markers on the design. Cannot add anything on the design.
Both t-shirt sides are printed. Just the front printed.
On-site production - we check each ready item, compare with preview image and keep an eye on fabric’s quality. Third-party services are used for production and sometimes for shipping; often manufacturers do not even check the ready-to-deliver production.


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