Publish Your Designs And Earn Rewards

How to participate?

  1. To participate you should create your own original design on our website in the "Create your own" section; 
  2. Send us a publishing request by clicking the "Publish my design" link and filling the form. You will see this link in a pop-up window after clicking the "Buy" button:
  3. We will review the design. And if it looks great, we will publish it (the reviewing process might take several days);
  4. You will get 1.00 EUR reward for each item sold with your design;
  5. In 20-30 days time after your design has been bought, we will send you an email with your earned rewards amount to the date;
  6. You can decide whether to exchange your earned rewards for a promotional code or earn more;
  7. The promotional code will give you partial or full (100%) discount on your purchases from our Store. Shipping will be covered by us.